IM Software comprehensive solution provides intelligent and user-friendly services

  • Integrated dashboard
  • Document control system for receipt, logging in and assignment of cataloging packages,
  • Detailed review processes (Coordination, Discipline Assignment, Duplication Identification)
  • Processing of equipment, spare parts and other unspecified materials
  • Attachment of relevant technical data
  • Asset management repository
  • Manufacturer management
  • User management
  • Audit Reporting

DM Software for Data Duplication Analysis

Our program analyzes client data for deficiencies and non-conformance and is just seconds away from being methodically organized. This innovative program optimizes client data leading to substantial savings.

  • Highly Productive
  • Better Data Integrity
  • Superior Data Cleansing & Data Duplication
  • Highlight Instantly Quality Content
  • Visual Data Reporting
  • Data Enhancement & Optimization